Student Support

Student Support

Our learning support services help students with learning challenges to become more independent learners.

Specialists help students to strengthen their work habits and work on the remediation of skills so that students can benefit from the school curriculum.

Classroom and learning support teachers work with parents to address the specific needs of our students. In some cases, students require short-term interventions, sometimes a learning support for up to a semester may be required.


When students require learning support over a longer period of time, we create an individual Learning Plan and they receive more intensive support.

The way we support our students varies depending on their grade and specific needs.

In the Primary School, students with learning challenges are often taken out of class to work in small groups.

In the Secondary School, students primarily receive support within their classroom through a co-teaching model.

During the International Baccalaureate, all students have the support of an IB Counsellor.

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