Pre-School - WABE e.V.

What if we could give your child learning facilitators, who trust in your child's ability to learn?


In order to enable children to experience a smooth transition into the International School Campus (ISC), WABE e.V. is implementing an English immersive Pre-School Program at their Kindergarten located close to ISC.

Two languages are a gift. In a bilingual environment, children learn the second language as easily as their own mother tongue.

Our Pre-School Educational Goal

Our goal is to prepare children for the demands of the 21st century.

Respect, responsibility, self-confidence and resilience, as well as lifelong learning, are the key factors for success.

Why immersion?

The pre-school age is simply the best age for children to acquire a second language!

Research studies show that children learn a second or a third language more easily before the age of eight years. There is no better way to expand their capabilities with respect to all three of the main functions of language: thinking, communicating, and learning about one's culture.

A second language is a gift. Especially when it is learnt effortlessly and through daily play activities in an immersion environment.



The framework of Schleswig-Holstein & High Scope

WABE e.V. has developed an authentic Pre-School curriculum, which is based on the framework of Schleswig-Holstein as well as on the High Scope Pre-School concept, which respects the principles of the teaching model of the International School Campus. 

High Scope enables children to enjoy a Discovery & Experiential approach to learning. It focuses childrens' life-oriented topics in a vibrant and stimulating learning environment.

Current studies and empirical studies in the field of brain research, show that Pre-School concepts support children in their development. Good and sustainable learning outcomes are evident in subjects like English, German and mathematics.

The Pre-School concept will be assisted and facilitated by a native speaker educationalist.





Our children learn in attractively designed premises and our spacious outdoor area offers the opportunity to experience nature.