Our International School Campus

The Construction Diary

International School Campus - 2016 (No. 5 of the plan)

Our ISC Campus

On a total area of 63,000 square meters, WABE e.V. has planned a campus with an international school (ISC), a boarding school and a gym, which meets international competition conditions. Further building projects on the campus, are an academy for teachers in professional development as well as a conference centre and a boarding house.

  • The WABE e.V. Kindergarten, situated on the property, opened its doors in January 2015
  • The construction of the school building (No. 5) started on the 11th of January 2016
  • The ISC is opening its doors mid August 2016
  • The operation of the school starts on the 5th of September 2016

The plan was designed by PREMERO Immobilien GmbH. 

PREMERO is specialised in Project Development.



Construction Phase I & II

Construction Phase I - 2016 (5): ISC is able to welcome 300 students.

Construction Phase II – 2018 (6): ISC is able to welcome 1100 students.

The next building project on the campus is the gym, which meets international competition conditions.

Construction Pictures Diary

11th of February 2016

22nd February 2016

The base plate has been completed.

Preparing for the first wall.

...and for the second wall.

All set for the next construction steps.

26th of February 2016

Main entrance of the school building.

Perspective from the Care Assistance Room to the Gym.

Perspective from outside the school building looking into the administration offices.

Perspective from outside near the main entrance.

10th of March 2016

The ceiling of the 1st floor.

Standing on the first floor.

Another perspective from the 1st floor.

Looking into the care assistance room and into the administration offices.

19th of March 2016

The first floor of our School.

Ground and 1st floor of our School.

Standing on the 1st floor looking into the Arts room.

Standing on the 1st floor looking into the communiation and collaboration room.

26th of March 2016

Starting with the 2nd floor.

Perspective from the north side of the building.

Perspective from the Teachers´room.

Perspective from the Arts room.

24th of April 2016

Perspective from the southside of the building.

Perspective from the northside of the building.

The northside of the building.

Looking into the main entrance of the school.

5th of May 2016

School banner created by ISC Children together with Claire Pastoors (Arts Teacher)

13th of June 2016

...next steps initiated. The wood facade.

22nd of June 2016

South side of the building with playground.

25th of August 2016

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