Residential Life

Student Boarding Life

  • Fast, easy access to beautiful Hamburg, Germany‘s 2nd largest city
  • Top-quality residence quarters, designed to provide comfort and the feel of home
  • Dedicated common recreation and dining rooms for each wing, fostering friendship and community building
  • Extracurricular clubs, experiences & trips

Everyday Life

Our facilities are modern and outfitted to a high degree of quality. We offer comfortable student rooms with a biweekly cleaning and laundry service, full catering facilities, pastoral care and supported homework sessions.

The well-balanced and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the schools dining room during the school week. Breakfast and lunch are also offered to day students to promote the integration of the boarding community and the whole school community.

On Saturdays and Sundays brunch is prepared and eaten with the dorm parents in the boarding community rooms. An individual dinner (either boarding, in the city, or on an excursion) is scheduled for Saturdays. Sunday meals are prepared and eaten by the whole boarding community. The students alternate with each other to come up with an idea for a nice meal and cook together with the dorm parents.

Students live in small groups that are mentored by the dorm parents who also live in the same building. We want students to feel at home in our boarding school so we offer familial living spaces with large and cozy common rooms where the students can meet and relax.

The dorm parents ensure that each student develops well and feels at home. Boarding students also elect representatives who discuss student wishes and ideas with the dorm parents and the director of the boarding school. We foster an active community in which every voice is heard.

The daily schedule has been designed to give students time to develop not only academically - inside and outside the school - but also to spend their free time with hobbies, friends, and relaxation. It aims to encourage students to develop their responsibilities and self-reliance while still having the support of ISC teachers and supervisors at their side.

One of the fun parts of boarding life is that you can participate in a wealth of extracurricular activities with all of your friends. ISC boarding offers various clubs in the fields of arts, science, technology, sports, crafts and also cooperates with various clubs in the neighborhood that will enable everyone to pursue their hobbies and interests. We also offer excursions on the weekends to museums, theatres, movie theatres, exhibitions, amusement parks, sports events etc.


Monday - Friday

7:00  Students should get up on their own and prepare for the school day.

7: 30-8: 00  Breakfast

8: 00-15: 15  Students participate in all teaching commitments. 

15: 15-17: 00  Students will participate in the extracurricular activities offered on several days of the week.

17: 00-18: 30  Recreation time for students.

18: 30-19: 00  Dinner for students and dorm parents

19: 00-20: 30  Study time for student

20: 30-22: 00  Leisure time for the students

22: 00-22: 30  Students prepare to go to bed.

22:30  Quiet time



Brunch & Group Excursions



Brunch, Free time, & House Dinner

Life in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg

The ISC Boarding house is situated in Pinneberg, a green and leafy area. Hamburg is reachable by public transport in around 30 minutes. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg has the third largest port in Europe, a global melting pot of nationalities live here, a city with 1.8 million inhabitants. Placed repeatedly within the top 20 cities to live in worldwide based on The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Hamburg is clearly a global destination of interest. One of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities and the economic centre of Northern Germany, the overall quality of life and the outstanding natural environment both within and around Hamburg make it an attractive place to both study and live.

The beaches of the North and Baltic seas invite the partaking in sport and leisure activities, and idyllic lakes and waterways provide the opportunity to experience beautiful natural environments.

The cultural metropolis of the North, Hamburg offers a broad range of theatres, dance and performance venues, music halls - including the world renowned new Philharmonic Hall, museums, art galleries and sport events.

In addition, there is a wealth of shopping opportunities from internationally known brands and last, but not least, a well-developed regional and urban transport network.