Academic Programme

  • IB Diploma Programme Year 1 and Year 2 (grades 11 and 12)
  • Maximum class size: 22 students
  • ISC provides students with a framework for critical analysis, research skills, collaboration skills and presentation skills
  • In each field of study, students will be expected to carry out investigations, both individually and as a team
  • ISC aims to prepare our students to take on social and moral challenges as they navigate their lived experiences in a complex world
  • Diploma candidates are required to select six subjects from a broad spectrum of learning incorporating the humanities and sciences
  • The IB Diploma Programme has been operating world-wide for almost 50 years and is in place in almost 3000 schools in over 140 countries around the world
  • Our students are provided with the right ethos to excel in life after school and have the opportunity to join some of the best universities in the world
  • We offer state of the art university counseling


During free time, students are allowed to leave campus with permission of the boarding mentor, and may use it to relax with friends, explore the city, go shopping, or engage in hobbies like running, horseback riding, soccer, golf, music lessons etc. All students must remain available for communication with the boarding mentor throughout their free time. The campus is located near the city of Hamburg and is connected to the city with public transport. The very lively, culturally rich and international city of Hamburg offers a wealth of possible activities.

After school activities are a variation of art, music, drama and sports activities offered both within the school building and in the immediate boarding environment. Boarding mentors will help the students chose their clubs and in case of clubs outside of the campus assist them in finding the right one. In addition, the German language can be acquired within a course specifically tailored for boarding students. The weekends provide time for further activities and excursions to enable our young people to experience Hamburg’s diverse institutional, cultural and recreational offerings. Boarding mentors will decide together with the students which activities and excursions to plan.

The ISC boarding staff give students the professional and personal support they need to feel comfortable and integrated within their “home away from home".