Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Q: Do students need to speak English before they enroll at ISC?

A: Because a significant portion of the daily instruction at ISC is done in English, students with strong English reading, writing, and speaking skills will find the transition to ISC much easier than those who do not. The specific level of English needed to thrive at ISC varies substantially depending on the grade of the student. For younger students, their language skills develop quite rapidly and there is ample time in their career to learn English. For older students, not having sufficient English skills can be prohibitive to a child’s ability to learn and flourish in our school. All prospective students are evaluated for their English skills during the admissions process and are advised as to the challenges that may be present depending on their abilities.


Q: How long is your school day, and what is the Afternoon Program?

A: Our full school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 15:15. This day consists of two separate programs. Our required morning program runs from 8:00 to 13:00 and covers many of the core subjects in our curriculum. Our afternoon program runs from 13:00) to 15:15 with an optional Study Hall available until 16:00.


Q: Do your students take German qualifying exams such as the Mittlere Reife and the Abitur?

A: As an Ersatzschule, ISC must meet all of the state (Schleswig-Holstein) and federal Ministry of Education's standards for educating students, including the taking of standard qualifying exams. All of our students do take the Mittlere Reife in the 10th grade. However, since ISC offers independent diploma programs during the 11th and 12th grade years, our students do not take the Abitur. 


Q: What is the IB Diploma and is it accepted at German Universities?

The I.B. program is an internationally recognized, rigorous curriculum developed by the International Baccalaureate which culminates in the awarding of the IB Diploma for students who have completed the program with the requisite performance and requirements. At ISC, the IB Diploma program is taught from Grades 11 to 12. 

Regarding the acceptance of the IB Diploma at German universities, the simple answer is "yes," many German universities do accept the IB, though each student's individual situation differs. The International Baccalaureate has produced a helpful guide to applying to German universities with an IB Diploma that you can see here: GUIDE FOR IB STUDENTS CONSIDERING HIGHER EDUCATION IN GERMANY.


Q: Are you an accredited school? If so, with whom?

A: As of April 2019, ISC is accredited as an International Baccalaureate World School. Under this accreditation we offer the IB Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12. For Grades 1-10, ISC operates as an approved Ersatzschule in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. As an Ersatzschule, ISC must be in compliance with all state and federal Ministry of Education standards, and we are visited by representatives from the ministry regularly. 


Q: How many places are available in each grade?

A: The number of available seats in each grade varies every year, and we have a maximum class size of 22 students. Many of our classes have already reached the maximum class size and we are accepting applications to the waiting list for those classes.


Q: How quickly will my application be processed once it is complete?

A: For applications submitted for admission to the current academic year, we typically process applications within 2-4 weeks of receiving all application materials. For applications submitted for admission to the next academic year, all admissions decisions for applicants from current ISC families are communicated within the first two months of the calendar year. 

In all cases, no applicants will be considered for admission until all application materials have been received. 

Q: Can I apply for admission during the middle of a school year?

A: Yes. In the event that we have available seats in the grade into which your student would apply, we accept applications for those seats during the middle of the school year. For classes without availability, we do accept applications to our waiting list.


Q: Do you have a boarding school and when will it be open?

A: Yes. Our boarding school is accepting applications throughout the 2019-2020 school year and will begin its first year of operation with the commencement of the 2020-2021 school year.


Q: Do you have a Kindergarten or Daycare?

A: We do not have a Kindergarten or Daycare. Our partner company, WABE e.V., operates a kita immediately adjacent to ISC. Please visit their website for more information: WABE Kita Parkstadt