The ISC Secondary School Programme: Grades 6-10

Our secondary school at ISC provides a well-balanced academic and social and emotional curriculum that provide students the opportunity to learn, grow, and acquire essential skills needed to be successful in the 21st century. The rich and diverse culture that we embody at ISC is aimed to challenge our students to allow them to develop into a complete individual which helps build self-confidence and self-esteem. We believe that students are the primary agents in their learning, and our approach concentrates on enabling them to realize their full potential according to their individual passions.

As students progress through the Secondary Program at ISC, they are increasingly introduced to self-designed and self-driven projects that build upon foundational knowledge from the Primary program to create a new set of interdisciplinary capacities. In addition to developing these capacities, students are also prepared for success on the German Mittlerer Schulabschulss (MSA), a national examination required for entrance to Gymnasium that results in a middle-diploma according to the German education system. Lastly, students are prepared to matriculate into the ISC International Baccalaureate Programme for final preparation in advance of university studies.

Our curriculum, while based on the Schleswig-Holstein standards and curriculum, has been developed by our own teachers to include components and influences of the American, British, and other international system. We develop a strong connection to the culture and professional practices of the greater Hamburg area and its economy while also providing opportunities to explore the corners of the world through class trips It draws upon the rich local culture of the greater Hamburg area as well as the diverse international cultures of world, all while keeping in mind the academic expectations of the Secondary and Diploma years

Our faculty possess deep experience in teaching the Middle and High School years, both in Germany and from numerous other international schools. Nearly all of our Secondary faculty hold a Master’s degree or higher in their field, ensuring that our students are working with highly trained professionals throughout their learning journey at ISC.

Alongside the academic courses, there are numerous opportunities for students to learn and become involved including: Model United Nations (MUN), Rock Band, Student Council, ISC Magazine, and our workplace internship programs. Secondary students are gradually introduced into leadership roles within the school culture, serving as role models and mentors for the Primary School students.

This is most clearly manifest in the ISC House System, where Secondary students organize events, games, and competitions between our four different houses, helping to build culture and community across all grade levels.