Our PreSchool Partners


At present, ISC only offers Grades 1-9, and we do not have a Pre-School program at our campus. However, ISC's parent company, WABE e.V., successfully operates 22 Kindergartens in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. WABE Kita Parkstadt is located immediately adjacent to the ISC Campus and has just added a new, fee-based cohort to accomodate new families in the area. 

In order to enable children to experience a smooth transition into the International School Campus, WABE is implementing an English immersive Pre-School Program at the Kita Parkstadt. This kita enjoys a close relationship with ISC, including visits from older ISC students to read books to the children, and the occasional sharing of facilities. 

What if we could give your child learning facilitators, who trust in your child's ability to learn?


Two languages are a gift. In a bilingual environment, children learn the second language as easily as their own mother tongue.

Our Pre-School Educational Goal

Our goal is to prepare children for the demands of the 21st century.

Respect, responsibility, self-confidence and resilience, as well as lifelong learning, are the key factors for success.

Why immersion?

The pre-school age is simply the best age for children to acquire a second language!

Research studies show that children learn a second or a third language more easily before the age of eight years. There is no better way to expand their capabilities with respect to all three of the main functions of language: thinking, communicating, and learning about one's culture.

A second language is a gift. Especially when it is learnt effortlessly and through daily play activities in an immersion environment.



The framework of Schleswig-Holstein & High Scope

WABE e.V. has developed an authentic Pre-School curriculum, which is based on the framework of Schleswig-Holstein as well as on the High Scope Pre-School concept, which respects the principles of the teaching model of the International School Campus. 

High Scope enables children to enjoy a Discovery & Experiential approach to learning. It focuses childrens' life-oriented topics in a vibrant and stimulating learning environment.

Current studies and empirical studies in the field of brain research, show that Pre-School concepts support children in their development. Good and sustainable learning outcomes are evident in subjects like English, German and mathematics.

The Pre-School concept will be assisted and facilitated by a native speaker educationalist.





Our children learn in attractively designed premises and our spacious outdoor area offers the opportunity to experience nature.

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