Our Teaching Model

Experiential Learning provides our students with hands-on learning opportunities, in order to practice and implement curricular concepts articulated locally and globally, both on-campus and off-campus.

Experiential Learning

ISC is fortunate to have the freedom and ability to create authentic learning experiences for our children which include the application of rigorous content and 21st Century Skills.

ISC knows that content is no longer enough to remain literate in our ever changing world. 

ISC encourages students to interact with the world around them. Our teachers work as facilitators and motivators and they create authentic opportunities for our students to synthesize information, apply and transfer their knowledge into real-life situations.

This approach is a format known as Experiential Learning, which gives our students hands-on opportunities to practice and implement curricular concepts articulated locally and globally, both on campus and off campus.

With the interdisciplinary nature of the real world, students synthesize information from a variety of subjects. ISC students apply what they are learning in order to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. They implement the content and skills they are learning by seizing opportunities to positively change and impact our world.

In the core of Experiential Learning...

Students develop skills which are far beyond the content-orientated learning objectives. We focus on content as well as the social and personal competencies to enable our students to become life-long learners and to act as global citizens.

ISC Teachers and Teacher Assistants have the pedagogical training to get to the heart of their professional areas. They immerse our students in a variety of best practices. They enable students to explore dreams and passions by educating, empowering and engaging them. ISC educators focus on the ingredients of how to create students who are 21st-century learners and contributors, not just students who score well on a cognitive test.



ISC engages students in learning experiences in and beyond the classroom. Therefore, we are greatly interested in working with local and international experts, companies and organisations. This interaction with partners/experts represents a highly relevant educational opportunity for our students to be in contact with real-life challenges, to pursue their interests and to prepare them for the professional world. In return, the companies benefit from the skills the students acquire within the projects formed by these partnerships.

ISC believes in the strengths of Partnerships to accomplish its educational mission.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

ISC students participate in project-based learning, which is constructed around questions that provide opportunities for our students to inquire, explore and create solutions, products or services to answer the questions raised. We use this approach to further engage students in their learning.

Project-based learning at ISC can be both a collaborative and individual experience. Projects vary in length from one to four weeks depending on the topic(s) covered.

Media Education

Media Education

ISC integrates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the ISC learning program. Our students work with a wide variety of programs. Every student works with his or her own tablet in class on individual activities and on collaborative projects. Secondary students take on more responsibility for their learning by taking their laptops home in the evenings to enable them to accomplish certain tasks.

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