ISC IB Diploma Programme

In keeping up with the demands for 21st century skills, ISC’s instructional practices are designed to provide students with a framework for critical analysis, research skills, collaboration skills and presentation skills. These developmentally appropriate educational practices have been recognized to meet students' needs in all the areas of development - physical, social, emotional and cognitive. 

We ensure effective oral and written communication remain a focus throughout each course. In each field of study, students will be expected to carry out investigations, both individually and as a team, as they are introduced to the elements of research. The IBDP is designed as a balanced course which emphasizes the development of the child as a whole individual. ISC aims to prepare our students to take on social and moral challenges as they navigate their lived experiences in a complex world.

The IB Diploma Programme emphasizes academic achievement, critical thinking, research skills and community service. It has been operating world-wide for almost 50 years and is in place in almost 3000 schools in over 140 countries around the world. As the programme has grown, so too has its reputation for excellence; the IB DP is now recognized in almost every country in the world as a one of the pre-eminent pre-university qualifications. Some US universities offer advanced credit for IB Diploma students on certain courses. All leading universities in Europe recognize the IB Diploma.

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Diploma candidates are required to select six subjects from a broad spectrum of learning incorporating the humanities and sciences. Three of these subjects are taken at Higher Level, the others at Standard Level. By arranging subject learning in this way, students are able to explore some subjects in depth and some subjects more broadly over a two-year period. Equipped with the right temperament and skills, our students are provided with the right ethos to excel in life after school and have the opportunity to join some of the best universities in the world.

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