Welcome to Our International School in the Metropolitan Area of Hamburg!

It is with great honour and excitement that we introduce you to our school. As an organisation, we are driven by our passion for providing the best possible education and a supportive, welcoming environment for our students. It is our highest priority to teach students how to actively engage in the world around them, preparing them to thrive as individuals and serve their communities.

The world in which today’s students will live their lives is constantly changing and evolving. Our students need new tools and competencies to face and conquer the distinct challenges of the 21st Century. Knowledge alone is no longer sufficient: emotional intelligence and adaptability are essential skills. As such, both the way in which we teach our students and the content they are taught must evolve and improve in order to equip them for success in our modern society.

This is why we have launched International School Campus. We believe that our progressive, individualized approach to education builds our students’ ability to thrive. It is our firm belief that our graduates will embody what it means to be a full human in the 21st Century: holistically competent, savvy problem-solvers who face the digital age with confidence and a desire to change the world.

We hope that you enjoy learning about our school, and we invite you to come for a visit!

The International School Campus Leadership Team

Brian P. Couch, Jr.
Stefan Lüder
Wayne May

International School Campus celebrates its 5th birthday

ISC's celebration of our 5th birthday was featured in both the local Hamburg and Pinneberg press. You can find an online version of the article in the Pinneberger Tageblatt here.