Meet our Administrative and
Teaching Teams!

Leadership Team:

Brian P. Couch, Jr.

Managing Director | Geschäftsführer
Academics and Advancement

Stefan Lüder

Managing Director | Geschäftsführer
Finance and Operations

Wayne May

Head of School

Lalita Ramakrishna

Assistant Head of School


Andrea Bauerfeld

Admissions Manager

Mary Couch

Business Manager

Trudy Hamilton-Sellhorn

School Secretary

Stefanie Kavanagh

Office Manager

Sören König

Primary Student Coordinator 
Teaching Assistant

Harmit Shembi

Secondary Student Coordinator 
Teaching Assistant

Primary School:

Svenja Becker

Primary German

Anja Centennial

Grade 5

Sabrina Fadda

Grade 2

Anna Frerker

Grade 2

Anita Granados

Grade 4

Michael Langley

Grade 3

Claire Li

EAL  and GAL and Secondary Geography

Isabel Valkenburg


Marlane Wingo

Visual Arts Teaching Assistant

Secondary School Faculty:

Elizabeth Baron

Mathematics and TOK Coordinator

Travis Burnette

English and Humanities

Karoline Deckwirth-Donko

GAL Specialist

Álvaro Durán


Laura Hanf


Andrew Herm

English and Humanities

Janice Ketsche

Humanities and CAS Coordinator

Rayyan Mirza

Humanities and Economics

Britta Müller

German and GAL

Alexander Ness


Claire Pastoors

Visual Arts

James Pham

Primary and Secondary Music

Dagny Remmler

German and Education Ministry Coordinator

Julia Rose

EAL and EE Coordinator

Javier Sol

Primary and Secondary Physical Education 

Dr. Kavita Srivastava

Secondary + IB Science & Research Librarian 


Violeta Lebada

Kitchen Staff

Manuela Simion

Kitchen Staff