Our Educational Strategy

Our role is to nurture the talents of our students and develop their skills through authentic learning experiences!

Educational Goal 1

Increase relevant learning through authentic, local and global experiences.

We have designed a relevant global education program, which incorporates experiential learning opportunities and project-based learning.


ISC Primary Curricular Program

ISC Secondary Curricular Program



Educational Goal 2

Optimize each student’s capacity to learn through individualized experiences and opportunities.

We individualize our approach to education, based on each student’s unique potential.  We educate all children by challenging each student appropriately in our curricular model of best practices.


21st Century Academy

Extra-Curricular Program



Educational Goal 3

Nurture the whole child, including social-emotional, academic, and physical well-being.

We engage each student and family in a partnership with ISC.  We focus our time on nurturing each student's passions and interests by focusing on interpersonal and intrapersonal skillsets.


Our Approach to Learning

Our Teaching Model


Educational Goal 4

Maximize the quality of teaching through strategic recruiting, professional learning and professional growth.

We increase access to expertise and new learning opportunities through additional collaborative efforts and networks through dynamic partnerships. This enables our staff members to engage with experts and gain additional knowledge and skills for their continuous growth and improvement with our students.

Dynamic Partnerships

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