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The world in which today’s students will live their lives is constantly changing and evolving. Our students need new tools and competencies to face and conquer the distinct challenges of the 21st Century. Knowledge alone is no longer sufficient: emotional intelligence and adaptability are essential skills. As such, both the way in which we teach our students and the content they are taught must evolve and improve in order to equip them for success in our modern society.

This is why we have launched International School Campus. We believe that our approach to education builds our students‘ ability to thrive. It is our firm belief that our graduates will embody what it means to be a full human in the 21st Century: holistically competent, savvy problem-solvers who face the digital age with confidence and a desire to change the world.

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Emotional Rescue: A Social-Emotional Art Project

What does it look like when a curriculum responds to the social and emotional needs of its students? Take a look!
You can watch the HD video on our YouTube channel.

Prepare for the Future

Our Pedagogical Approach

21st Century Skills

The world of the 21st Century is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. We develop students' abilities to flexibly respond to the demands of each situation with creative and technical competencies.

Social-Emotional Learning

Going beyond just the notion of holistic education, we put the social and emotional experience and development of our students at the forefront of our educational approach.

Excellence & Rigor

We believe that one of the greatest gifts a student can receive is a teacher who insists on bringing the best out of them. We are committed to helping each student become their best self.


What our Families Say

“Being a part of ISC is a great experience for our family. Our child has learned two completely new languages in the first couple of months at the school. Still everyday he is excited and learns something new. We hope the school keeps up the good work, so a lot of other children can also enjoy this nice school, with well-educated but especially just great teachers!”

- 4th Grade Parent

“Moving to ISC was the best decision we could have taken. At ISC, everyone gets a warm welcome. For us the school is a synonym of community, social skills, great teachers and staff. It provides great development for our daughter—the kind of education we wish for her.”

- 9th Grade Parent

“ISC successfully adapts the learning curriculum in different ways to challenge and stimulate our son. The ISC teachers are very engaged and help all students on how to use technology to enhance their future education. They are using several digital tools for making presentations, movies or even audiobooks. At ISC, our son can really mature intellectually.”

- 6th Grade Parent

"I have honestly never seen my daughter so happy at school and with as many good friends as she has met at the ISC! It is an International School deeply rooted in the local community, with a strong comittment to supporting families and children in their process of integration in the local society. They offer a curricula focused on both German and IB educational systems that grants students the necessary academic and language skills required to excel in every enviroment." 

- 7th Grade Parent




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